LICE B GONE Flea'nTickBGone - 4 OZ

LICE B GONE Flea'nTickBGone - 4 OZ

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Use at full strength for heavy infestations. For mild infestations, a 50/50 mixture of Flea 'n Tick B Gone and water may be used. Spray a ring around the animals neck. Below the neck: spray until hair is completely saturated. Above the neck: Protecting eyes use fingertips or saturated cloth to work into the face and head area. For small animals (kittens) that tend to lick themselves wrap them in a towel and hold them. After 10 minutes, add a small amount of warm water to the animals body and work into the fur. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use a fine-toothed comb to remove any remaining fleas. For Ticks: always use full strength.Spray on tick until it starts backing out of your pets skin. Remove tick with a method that will protect you from disease: tweezers, *** gloved fingertips, etc.


filtered water, and enzymes from natural plant sources. Contains NO irritating chemicals or harmful pesticides.

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