NATUREWORKS Swedish Bitters - 3.38 OZ

NATUREWORKS Swedish Bitters - 3.38 OZ

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Serving Size:

Two (2) teaspoons


Adults and children 15+: take 1-2 teaspoons daily for improved health and overall well being.


Manna stem 117mg Carline thistle root 33mg Angelica root 89mg Black snakeroot root 15mg Zedoary root 74mg Camphor 17mg Aloe leaves 67mg Valerian root 7.4mg Rhubarb root 67mg Cinnamon bark 7.4mg Senna leaf 67mg Cardamom fruit 3.7mg Myrrh stem 37mg Saffron pistil 1.3mg

Other Ingredients:

Water, alcohol.

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