TICKS-N-ALL Org All Purp Insect Repellent - 18 ML

TICKS-N-ALL Org All Purp Insect Repellent - 18 ML

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Shake, hold container upright 2-4 inches from skin while spraying generously. For maximum protection, spread evenly with hand. To apply on face, first spray into palm of hand and then spread on face and neck. Re-apply every 4 hours


Organic Castor Oil 5.0% Organic Ylang Ylang 0.41% Organic Soybean 3.0% Organic Lavender 0.41% Organic Citronella 2.5% Organic Peppermint 0.38% Organic Rosemary 1.5% Organic Clove 0.20% Organic Tea Tree 0.97% Organic Catnip 0.04% Organic Lemongrass 0.75% Organic Geranium 0.03% Organic Cedar Oil 0.50% *** Organic Rejuvenating Blend: Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Canola Oil, Organic Aloe Vera Gel and Organic Citrus Extract.

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